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Aggressive soils

Underground pipelines are subject to corrosive soils and backfills. The use of water networks that are protected is primordial. Saint-Gobain PAM has developed active protections made of zinc-aluminum alloy, BioZinalium®, to ensure the longevity of its ductile iron underground pipelines.
With these practices, Saint-Gobain PAM offers comprehensive pipeline solutions that are suitable for aggressive soils because of their special external coatings; and remains the only worldwide manufacturer to offer such coatings.
PAM solutions suit the majority of cases. However, the aggressiveness of soil requires prior assessment in order to determine the most suitable solution.
TT PUX in aggressive soil

Products for aggressive soils

Ductile iron pipelines for highly aggressive soils

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Buried pipes are subject to a variety of stresses, including corrosive soil and backfill.
Saint­-Gobain PAM designs, produces and markets a comprehensive set of solutions designed for gravity flow and rising main sewerage systems with the aim of meeting the requirements of any work site configuration.