Marquage tuyau fonte NATURAL Saint-Gobain PAM

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Valves and hydrants


 offers a wide range of accessories and spare parts for fire protection.
  • suction fire hydrant for above-ground or underground reservoirs
  • Neptune standpipe
  • freeze-proof hydrants, PFA 10 bar
  • non-freeze-proof hydrants, PFA 10 bar
  • fountain pillar DN 80 PFA 16 bar
  • flow rate tester for pillar and underground hydrants
  • flow rate tester accessories for pillar and underground hydrants
  • assembly kit for collapsible pillar hydrants
  • Fire hydrant identification plaque
  • Keyser fitting extension for underground fire hydrant
  • ‘S’ adjustment bend
  • manoeuvring key for pillar and underground hydrants

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