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Pillar Hydrants

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Pillar fire hydrants

PAM pillars comply strictly with the standards NF EN 14384, NF S 61213/CN and the CE mark. A casing made entirely of ductile iron protects them from impact (whether accidental or otherwise) and operational hazards (e.g. water hammer). Their internal and external coatings are a 250 micron thick layer of epoxy powder. A final coat being resistant to ultra-violet light protects the pillars against external aggressions.

Saint-Gobain PAM equips all of its pillars with a sealing check valve, which is fully encapsulated in elastomer to protect it from corrosion and abrasion. Its shape prevents the retention of sand or gravel, thus avoiding damage, and ensures that the flow rate at opening and closing is progressive so that water hammer is avoided.

The complete range of Saint-Gobain PAM pillar fire hydrants exist in two versions : collapsible and non-collapsible. Impacts that knock the hydrant over are not destructive for the pillar fire hydrant, which is equipped to remain watertight when knocked over. Only the assembly wedges are damaged. The hydrant is quickly, easily and economically put back into service. The hydrants are built to remain watertight and prevent any leakage, which could lead to erosion or black ice.


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