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Network Protection

Valves and hydrants

Equipment for pipeline protection

Pipeline protection is a very precise, technical field, requiring various calculations and adjustments. The multidisciplinary team at Saint­-Gobain PAM works in close partnership with its customers to identify the right solutions for the requirements at hand. 
Conforming to standard EN 1074, the range of Saint-Gobain PAM's valves, hydrants, couplings and flange adaptors ensure that water networks are properly regulated in a safe way.
Available products
  • Single and double air valves
  • Control valves
  • Needle valves
  • Filters, check valves and strainers
  • Reservoir equipment

Valve ranges

  • Air Valves: protecting pipelines from adverse effects caused by air accumulation
  • Neddle Vavles: modulating water flow rate and pressure


Single and double air valves protect pipelines from the adverse effects caused by the accumulation of air in high points or at odd points in the networks.
Needle Valves
Needle valves are designed to modulate water flow rate and pressure