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Network Protection

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Pipeline protection

Water pipeline protection is ensured by sewage pipeline protection. Following the same principles as for the protection of water pipelines, this is achieved using air valves.

Air valves

Air valves are used to protect waste water networks by evacuating air that has become trapped in pipelines. A welded steel, epoxy coated body, and a mobile part that is made entirely of plastic, ensure they have excellent resistance to corrosion. Their use allows savings to be made on mains laying : the pipe can follow the contours of the land, thereby avoiding extra costs (trench shoring, groundwater lowering, etc.) associated with having to dig very deep in order to follow a regular mains profile.
  • Air valve PFA 10 bar for waste water : simple, double or triple function


Air valves - Saint-Gobain PAM - water - sewage
Air valves 10 bar
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Air valves - Saint-Gobain PAM - water - sewage

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