Marquage tuyau fonte NATURAL Saint-Gobain PAM

Congress for Sewage and Environment in Buenos Aires


The 20th Argentinian Congress of Sanitation and Environment organized by AIDIS (Argentinian Association of Sanitary Engineering and Environmental Sciences) was held in Buenos Aires from May 30th to June 2nd 2016 and attracted an audience of about 350 people.

During the event, Saint-Gobain PAM exhibited many of its products (Pipes and Valves) and presented a dissertation on the responsibility of Saint-Gobain PAM concerning Sustainable Development.

This convention was a great opportunity to introduce the latest products to the Environment and Sanitation public and private organizations, which are developed under a strict compliance toward sustainable development. Consequently, our local representative focused its speech on the latest Blutop range and the special application range (emphasizing the hydroelectric micro turbines). Both ranges attracted the interest of attendees and led to customized technical assistance for on-going or future projects.