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(DN 80 and 100)

With the aim of integrating pillar fire hydrants into the urban environment, Saint-Gobain PAM has developed the ELANCIO range. An elegantly designed element of street furniture, ELANCIO covers new pillar fire hydrants and renovates older models. Its gentle, rounded lines make it discreet and safe for users of public roads (reduced size).

A casing that offers genuine protection and safety, its robust shell can resist operational hazards and environmental aggressions. Designed in a composite material, it is not coveted and therefore not likely to be stolen. When its doors are open, the wide opening allows quick access to the water intake and easy manoeuvrability of the pillar fire hydrant. Following an intervention, the doors close in a single movement.

There are many references available concerning the renovation of old pillar fire hydrants with the ELANCIO casing.


Elancio - fire protection - Saint-Gobain PAM
Elancio : the integration of pillar fire hydrants into the urban environment
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Elancio - fire protection - Saint-Gobain PAM


Poteau et coffre ELANCIO
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