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The excellence of ductile cast iron at the service of renewable energy

HYDROPAM® is a set of solutions for hydroelectric power stations that includes: pipes, fittings, joints, valves and accessories.

High speeds and large volumes

Water is money !
The high hydraulic performances of HYDROPAM® mean that the velocity of the water can be maintained without alteration.
Robust, reliable and durable ductile iron fits perfectly into the time and space continuum of hydroelectric power stations that are installed for several decades.
The pipes are supplied with the following systems of protection:
  • Internal coating lining: a layer of cement mortar with a smooth, regular finish that prevents head losses, which lead to a loss of hydraulic energy and consequently a direct financial loss where hydroelectricity is concerned. The smooth internal surface also means there is exceptional resistance to abrasion from raw water flowing at very high speed.
  • External coating: a metallic layer of zinc covered with a layer of pore sealer. This coating has a high resistance to impacts occurring during transport, processing, storage and backfilling.

Despite its large diameters, HYDROPAM® offers considerable angular deflection. This allows:

  • a saving on fittings
  • a reduction of head losses
  • the most direct routes possible in mountainous regions.

For more than 40 years and in more than 15 countries, Saint-Gobain PAM has contributed to the increase in the production of renewable electricity.

Impeccable outstanding safety and reliability

The anchoring solutions of HYDROPAM® pipes, which include anchored joints, make it possible to lay several hundred metres of pipes on a steep slope with only one anchorage point at the summit.
Socketed joints technology makes easy and economical assembly in a trench possible, with no welding required and using standard work site equipment.
The reliability of the pipes is ensured by the drawing up of a rigorous quality plan during the manufacturing process and the carrying out of resistance tests on the products.

All-terrain logistics that win the race against the clock

For your projects, Saint­-Gobain PAM teams will put in place carefully orchestrated logistics that integrate both the constraints of the site and requirements of the calendar and weather. Saint-­Gobain PAM will deliver its products to places that are very difficult to access, in the shortest possible time, in order to respect your project’s deadlines.

All our enthusiasm at the service of energy: HYDROPAM® has equipped 500 hydroelectric power plants in Europe.
Pipelines HYDROPAM
DN : 60 to ­ 2000
PFA : 29 to ­ 100 bar
Angular Deflection : 3 to 6°

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