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Pre-insulated pipes for frost and temperature protection

The whole range of ductile iron ISOPAM pipes, fittings and joints is thermally insulated at the factory to prevent the water from freezing. The risk of freezing occurs mainly on bridge crossings, at tunnel entrances/exits and generally for any above-ground passage over works of art that are exposed to the elements.
The pipes and fittings are available with diameters of between 100 and 600 mm.
The unique insulation is made possible thanks to:
  • Polyurethane foam injected between the pipe and a polyethylene sleeving;
  • Insulation of joints using a foam spacer placed on the spigot end of the pipe before jointing; and
  • External insulation provided by an elastomer sleeve.


Compared to pipes insulated on site, the ISOPAM range makes pipe laying very easy. Once the pipes have been placed on the supports, socketed joints are used for their assembly and the continuity of the insulation is ensured by wrapping an elastomer sleeve around each junction.
DN : 100 to 600 mm
The angular deflections of ISOPAM pipelines differ from those of non-insulated pipelines due to the constraints introduced by the insulation of junctions.

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ISOPAM - pipeline - pre-insulated
ISOPAM pipeline bridge crossing
ISOPAM - pipeline - pre-insulated
ISOPAM pipeline on site

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