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Municipal castings


Communicative municipal castings

An innovative system to aid the maintenance and operation of underground networks, IVOIRE® has been designed with sewerage network managers. The system is based on the electronic identification of municipal castings thanks to the RFID chips fixed onto them. Comprehensive and innovative, IVOIRE® structures and facilitates the management of networks.

For field teams, interventions are made easier:
  • reliable identification of municipal castings ;
  • consultation of data on the points visited ;
  • no more unnecessary opening ;
  • no more paperwork.
Operations are optimized for network managers :
  • better network knowledge ;
  • reinforced links between the field and the manager ;
  • improved service for users ;
  • planning, management, monitoring and analysis of maintenance ;
  • help with setting up management indicators and ratios.

Please contact Saint-Gobain PAM for further information.


Terminal mobile IVOIRE ®
IVOIRE ® - Terminal mobile
Serveur de gestion IVOIRE ®
IVOIRE ® - Serveur de gestion
Regard REXEL 2 ® équipé du système IVOIRE ®
Regard REXEL 2 ® équipé du système IVOIRE ®

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