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The NATURAL range

The reference pipe for water distribution

The ductile iron pipes and fittings in the NATURAL range are available with diameters between 60 and 1000 mm. They are suitable for both transport and distribution of water in urban, semi-urban and rural areas.
Over time, the NATURAL range has imposed itself all over Europe, and it is at the heart of the networks heritage.
NATURAL pipes - Saint-Gobain PAM

Benefits that combine tradition with originality

The NATURAL range unites past experiences with the future technologies of the world:
  • the robustness of ductile iron pipes
  • the ease of laying and the speed of installation
  • reliable operation
  • durability

Joints highly recommended by professionals

The NATURAL range is composed of pipes with STANDARD joints, associated with EXPRESS or STANDARD joints fittings. Appreciated by pipe-laying contractors, they make installation easy.

Coatings for all situations

Identifiable by its blue color, the NATURAL pipe benefits from BioZinalium® external protection technology. BioZinalium® ensures very long durability in underground conditions.
BioZinalium® is made of 2 layers :
- a zinc-aluminum enriched  85-15 copper alloy, minimum areal weight
- a protective layer of Aquacoat®

The internal lining of the NATURAL range is composed of centrifuged cement mortar. It offers excellent hydraulic conditions as well as an effective protection against the aggressiveness of the water.
NATURAL fittings are delivered with a blue epoxy coating, applied by cataphoresis or by powder coating.

For extreme conditions, the NATURAL range comes equipped with special coatings:
  • NATURAL PUR, an internal protection for the transport of aggressive waters
  • NATURAL TT-PE, an external protection for aggressive terrains

NATURAL pipes, reference pipes that are one step ahead.
DN :  60 to 1000
PFA : > 40 bar (from 60 to 300), > 30 bar (from 350 to 600), > 25 bar (from 700 to 1000)
NATURAL pipe - Saint-Gobain PAM
NATURAL pipe slot

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