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New DN 1400 - PN 16 Needle Valve with an Electric Actuator


Saint-Gobain PAM is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of water and sewerage pipes, fittings, valves and municipal castings. From its creation in 1856, PAM is continually developing new products which correspond to the evolving client requirements.

Recently, Saint-Gobain PAM launched a new DN 1400 - PN 16 Needle Valve with an Electric Actuator, which helps control the washout of the surplus of treated sewage effluent.

This innovative needle valve is the most suitable solution if a valve needs to be changed without modifying the existing chamber and within the available distance. The design of the valve has the shortest face to face distance in the market, measuring to 1600mm, allowing it to fit in smaller chamber sizes. 

Saint-Gobain PAM constantly looks for adaptation to the requirements of the markets, creating new innovations and technologies that provide the most efficient solution for the clients.

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