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Municipal castings


Class D 400

The PAMETANCHE range of manhole covers guarantees high performance in terms of leaktightness. It has been designed for areas at risk of being subject to incidental increased loads (high water, flooding, etc.) and resists pressure surges in the network of up to one bar. It can be entirely anchored, is installed on networks that are rarely visited, and therefore it represents an anti-intrusion solution. The optimized weight of the cover, its simple opening and the sealed handling box facilitate its installation.

PAMETANCHE round frame unventilated



PAMTIGHT in location
PAMTIGHT in location
PAMTIGHT cover - high performance sealing
PAMTIGHT cover - high performance sealing


PAM access covers endurance test (carrousel)
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An interface between the roadway and the network
Medium traffic is defined as an inconsistent number of vehicles, stable urban speed and essentially light vehicles.
Saint-Gobain PAM designs its manhole covers in response to traffic conditions, offering stability, safety and silence.