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Saint-Gobain PAM

The story and development of pipeline materials and evolution of Saint-Gobain PAM, a world leader since 1856
As a world leader for comprehensive pipeline solutions in ductile iron, Saint-Gobain PAM designs, produces and markets a full range of water transport solutions.
Saint-Gobain PAM in a few key figures
Cast iron covers a wide variety of iron, carbon and silica alloys. Discovered in the 1940s, ductile cast iron is a real technological innovation.
Saint-Gobain PAM has been the leading expert in water transmission and distribution projects for over 150 years.
From its creation to the present day, what has set Saint-Gobain PAM apart from the rest is its capacity to create products that respect the quality of water.
Saint-Gobain PAM has a policy of sustainable development that covers the entire lifecycle of its products. This ‘green’ investment is possible thanks to the principal material used: cast iron, which is a noble, ductile material and can be recycled over and over.Saint-Gobain PAM reduces the energy...

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PAM offers a wide set of services ranging from logistical support to on-site technical assistance.
Saint-Gobain PAM offers comprehensive training programs to help your teams during the implementation of our solutions.
The concept of sustainable development leads to deep reflection on water consumption, on its treatment, and therefore on its protection.