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PAM in brief


PAM is the brand that focuses on pipeline activity within the Saint-Gobain Group, offering comprehensive ductile iron pipes, fittings, joints and accessories, for water and sewerage solutions. It also supplies equipment for the munipal casting and building sectors, such as fire hydrants, manhole covers, valves, gully grates, and flange adaptors.

Company history

  • The origins of PAM brand spring from the foundation of the Pont-à-Mousson factory in 1856, the beginning of a history rich in research and development. The rise of the company was founded on two principal factors: leaps in technological advancement and a strong internationalisation of its industrial and commercial developments.
  • From 1887, the company's exports grew and the first factory in Brazil was founded in 1937.
  • The adoption of centrifugation in 1928 followed by the discovery of ductile iron at the end of the 1940's contributed to the mass-production of high-quality pipes.

PAM today

  • Strengthened by its technological expertise, the brand has become a global leader in its field.
  • As part of its sustainable development approach, PAM is developing innovative systems that comply with international standards and can be adapted to customer requirements, in order to invent the materials of the future.
  • PAM brand is continuing its development in the same spirit of innovation, growth and industrial excellence.

Key figures

  • 3,300 employees in Europe (including 2000 in France)
  • 1,100 employees in Latin America
  • 1,100 employees in Asia Pacific
  • 16 industrial units in 8 countries
  • as well as 13 companies and marketing agencies
  • An average of more than 12,200 km of pipelines delivered each year in over 140 countries

pam history, ductile iron pipes manufacturer

pam history, ductile iron pipes manufacturer

Saint-Gobain Group in brief


The Saint-Gobain Group is the world leader in the supply of products for construction, innovative materials, building distribution and packaging purposes.

Saint-Gobain Group today

With a lengthy international history, which began in France in 1665 with the creation of the Mirror Factory, Saint-Gobain Group is now the world leader of the housing market, offering innovative solutions for saving energy and protecting the environment.

Key figures

  • More than 180,000 employees
  • Sales presence in 68 countries
  • Industrial presence on every continent
  • 8 interdisciplinary research centers
  • Over 550 patents filed every year

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PAM brand worldwide

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