Our Activity


Our Activity

The research, design, production and marketing of a full range of water transport solutions for all sectors

European leader in the provision of comprehensive pipelines composed of ductile cast iron. PAM’s products are designed, produced and marketed to offer a full range of water-transport solutions. We also supply equipment for the municipal casting and building sectors. PAM is part of the Saint-Gobain Construction Products Sector, a leading international industrial group specialising in the production, transformation and distribution of materials for industry and construction.

The international PAM brand has become a benchmark for pipelines everywhere thanks to its innovative, high quality technical solutions. Each year, our Research and Development Center files a dozen patents on products and processes. PAM's goal is to offer comprehensive pipeline solutions that are in line with emerging customer expectations and the latest water sector developments.

Top quality products and service

With over 50,000 products in our catalogue, from standardised components to completely compatible assemblies, we offer pipes, fittings, joints, valves, accessories, adaptors, fire hydrants, access and manhole covers that meet the demands of the water conveyance, sewerage, industry, road maintenance and building sectors.

Customers can be assured to use top quality products that comply with European and international standards by ordering on the PAM’s catalogue.
Ductile iron pipelines, with their special coatings for internal and external protection, and joints that are adaptable to various geographical configurations, can withstand all the hazards of transport, handling, installation and operation.
What makes PAM’s goods and services able to satisfy any requirements from its customers is it’s benefits of durability, resistance, and flexibility.

We also provide a full spectrum of technical assistance and advisory services from project design through to delivery phase, including pipe laying training and a library of PAMCAD digital images that integrate with software packages, so that customers can avail of the complete package.
You can find PAM’s full range of products on four continents more than 140 countries thanks to our extensive sales network. In that way, help is always close at hand.

Saint-Gobain PAM

Proven benefits

Easy and quick installation: PAM products offer extremely efficient installation thanks to push-in joints which progress work rapidly without the need for cathodic protection or welding, whether the pipes are small or large in diameter.

PAM ECOPOSE:  this PAM installation solution eliminates two steps from a standard work site, namely the removal of excavated earth and the bringing in of new materials. PAM ECOPOSE is an economic and ecological solution that limits the use of sand quarries and unnecessary truck turnaround thanks to the use of native soil as backfill.

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Reliability: PAM pipelines are designed and manufactured with a high mechanical resistance thanks to the properties of ductile cast iron as a raw material. The range of solutions are long-lasting and reinforced by special coatings such as BioZinalium. PAM's ductile cast iron pipes have a lifetime that exceeds 100 years, with no alteration of their mechanical properties.

Savings on energy and operating costs: PAM pipelines reduce pumping costs by decreasing head losses by means of an elevated hydraulic section.

Zero maintenance: The average leakage ratio of existing European water networks is more than 20%. Years of experience have proved that following the installation of PAM ductile iron pipelines, the maintenance requirement is very low for the duration of the network's life cycle. Due to the optimal leak tightness, virtually zero maintenance is required.


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