PAM Worldwide


Over 150 years of expertise in water transmission and distribution projects

The brand PAM has been the leading expert in water supply pipelines for over 150 years and equips more than 100 capital cities and 1,000 towns worldwide each year with its range of ductile iron pipes, fittings, joints and accessories. It also supplies equipment for the municipal casting and building sectors, such as fire hydrants, manhole covers, valves, gully grates, and flange adaptors.

Dedicated expertise

About 10,000 of our people are located on every continent to contribute to our customers' successes. Our teams are constantly doing their best to exceed our customers' expectations and requirements by proposing customised solutions on drinking water and sewerage projects. Additionally, our company is also building strong local distribution networks.

Our commercial presence is characterised by an important support package for every stakeholder in this sector, in addition to the traditional sales force. Our services include, among others, a dedicated technical assistance team, customised supply chain management support and different customer training centres in our regional offices. 

With its wealth of experience, a PAM dedicated expert team has been provided for complex projects as well as an international credit management department, wich constitutes a real partnership with customers from start to finish.


PAM supports its customers through its local commercial and technical networks.



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