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The concept of sustainable development as it affects the future of water

The concept of sustainable development encourages deep reflection on water consumption, its treatment, and ultimately, its protection. PAM is 100% committed where water cycle products are concerned. Its customers and partners have requested its participation in new projects relating to water supply and recycling, the desalination of sea water, and also the artificial replenishment of water tables in anticipation of a possible shortfall.

There is a global emergency in the provision of safe drinking water, and the collection and treatment of wastewater while taking local issues into account. This is particularly the case in emerging countries.

Since water is a vital resource, solutions have to stem from ecological responsibility. The challenge for Saint-Gobain PAM is to provide the means of transport and distribution that make it possible to deliver this commodity to consumers. The rigorous selection of ductile iron pipeline materials that are to be in contact with water mean that high quality is assured all along its distribution through the networks.

Delivering safe drinking water to taps and collecting and purifying waste water are global challenges that require the mobilisation of the best possible technologies, something that Saint-Gobain PAM invests heavily in through its dedicated R&D centre.

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Blutop - Saint-Gobain PAM
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Blutop - Saint-Gobain PAM

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