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Municipal castings


Square manhole covers ensuring silence and comfort

AKSESS manhole covers, which are square in shape, ensure silence and comfort for users and local residents thanks to their stability. The three-point non-rock system ensures that the cover remains firmly seated in the frame.



  • Fast and ergonomic: for access to networks installed beneath pavements, these manhole covers open very easily and remain stable in their frame, in a vertical position.
  • Adaptability: AKSESS manhole covers can adapt to all opening methods such as pull and slide or hinged, regardless of operating habits.
  • Suitability and security: different colours are available for their optimal integration into any urban décor, as is a locking, anti-intrusion version to guard against theft and/or vandalism.


Available products

  • AKSESS 300
  • AKSESS 400
  • AKSESS 450
  • AKSESS 500
  • AKSESS 550
  • AKSESS 550 x 700
  • AKSESS 600
  • AKSESS 700
  • AKSESS 800


Acces covers and gratings


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