Assembly and disassembling of the AUTOLINEA gratings

Assembly and disassembling of the AUTOLINEA gratings

Municipal Castings
D400 mini/Grp 4

Assembly of the gratings

The installation of the second grating and following ones is done by presenting the anchoring studs on the spring bar and just in contact with the previous grating. A pressure on the studs enables to realize the detent at a stretch mass (or of pickaxe).

The last grating will be posed in the gutter so that the spring bar is not in end of gutter.

A cut for setting with length of the last grating can be carried out so as to obtain a plane support in end.

Disassembling of the gratings

The removal of one or many gratings can be done at any place of the gutter. The gap necessary to the unhooking of the gratings is obtained by the elasticity of the bar.

  • Insert a crowbar (or a pickaxe) between the two gratings at the level of the arrows.
  • Make lever with the crowbar or the pickaxe in the direction indicated by the arrow represented on the sketch in order to raise the grating towards the left.
  • The spring bar of the grating on the right deviates and releases the part of anchoring.