For gravity sewerage

The BIOGAN pipes in ductile cast iron are specially designed for gravity sewerage. The range is composed of pipes of six metres in length, with diameters of 150 and 200, compatible with PAM fittings, saddle branches, connections and sleeves that are specific to gravity sewerage.


  • Long service life:  a real breakthrough in the field for gravity sewerage networks, the BIOGAN range thanks to its polymer lining DUCTAN is resistant to corrosive effluent up to pH4, resistant to abrasion at least twice as high as those required by the EN 598 standard and resistant to indirect impact.
BIOGAN Pipeline
  • BIOGAN range with its BioZinalium external coating triples the pipe's service life compared to the traditional coating (200 g/m² zinc). The strength and elasticity of PAM ductile iron ensure that pipeline systems can absorb the inevitable stresses without any risk of pipes breaking or coming apart. With their diametral stiffness performance of CR64, BIOGAN pipes remains stable over time.
  • Leak-Tightness: BIOGAN is fitted with a new PAM gravity standard joint (STD G). BIOGAN is leak-tightness to an internal pressure up to 2 bar and external pressure of 1 bar.
  • Easier and safer installation: The new gravity standard joint simplifies the installation process in reducing by 3 the jointing force. The factory-mounted BIOGAN ring ensures a safe assembly in respect with the recommended insertion depth.
Biogan socket with Biogan Ring and Gravity Standard joint



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Waste and Rainwater

Adaptable sewerage solutions

Saint-Gobain PAM has a complete range of sewerage solutions, which can be adapted to different fluids and distribution networks according to:

  • Waste and rainwater where the tight junctions can prevent parasitic water in the network; or a
  • Separate sewer system, which is under pressure (backflow) or gravity flow.
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