BluJack Mono DN

BluJack Mono DN

Main features

The junctions of Blutop and Topaz pipes and fittings need to be assembled effectively and reliably. The use of the BluJack Mono DN will allow the operator to assemble perfectly aligned, without effort, while improving its rate of laying.


The BluJack Mono DN mounting device consists of 4 elements :

  • Drum collar with cams
  • Clamping collar with connecting rods
  • Actuating levers
  • Hexagonal wrench for tightening the clamping collar 2

Field of use

The BluJack Mono DN is designed to help connect and disconnect pipes and fittings from the Blutop and Topaz ranges from DN75 to DN160mm. Eligible junctions (pipes and fittings) can be locked or unlocked.

Equipment required

The BluJack Mono DN device requires no special tools. However, it is essential that you wear your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to protect yourself from any risk of crushing and / or pinching.

Connection pipe / pipe

  • 1- Installation of the seal: see instructions
  • 2- In trenches: create a niche in the ground to be able to install and then remove the collars of the device. Outside excavation: lifting the pipes using shims to install and remove the collars from the device.
  • 3- Present the drum collar on the spigot of the pipe. Bring the two half-clamps together so that the junction of the two parts is at the level of the upper generatrix of the pipe. Tighten temporarily using the wrench. Position the cams by pivoting them towards the spigot of the pipe
  • 4- Present the collar on the pipe tulip. Bring the two half collars together. Tighten temporarily with the hexagon wrench 4.
  • 5- Connect the tie rods to the cams of the barrel clamp. Using the actuating levers, tension the assembly. Once the clamps are correctly positioned, proceed to their final clamping.
  • 6- Position the 2 operating levers on the cam nuts of the drum collar as shown. Pull synchronously on both levers at the same time. Proceed with the connection according to the depths indicated on the spigot of each pipe:

Connection pipe / fittings

To connect fittings with BluJack Mono Dn proceed in the same way as previously explained.

On some fittings (bends, tapers, tees, sleeves), the position of the handle changes according to the diameters. The position of the collar will therefore be different. See below :

Dismantling pipe / pipe

Position the drum collar so that the salmon of the connecting rods come into contact with the socket. Then push on the levers so that the salmon disconnect the junction.

Dismantling pipe / fitting

Proceed in the same way as previously. The interlocking collar rests on the coupling and causes disengagement when the levers are pushed.


The device must be stored in a dry place protected from bad weather. The threads of the barrel clamp nuts [1] and the clamping collar [2] must be cleaned after each use and lubricated to ensure optimum use over time. For all spare parts inquiries, please contact your Saint-Gobain PAM agency.

Safety warnings

Before using the device, please read these instructions carefully and follow the instructions. Keep this manual in an accessible location known to all users of the device.

The BluJack Mono DN is only to be used by qualified operators who can install ductile iron pipes Blutop and Topaz. Operators receive training from local Saint-Gobain PAM teams.
If the connection or dismantling operation does not work, do not force on the equipment, check for any anomalies: misalignment of clamps, unevenness of floor, error of DN or any other element.