Technical solutions


PAM has obtained numerous certificates and approvals guaranteeing its ability to design, manufacture and commercialize ductile iron pipeline pieces, according to strict quality assurance criteria and in compliance with applicable standards and regulations.
These certifications are awarded by independent organizations which commit their liability and ensure their validity on a regular basis through system audits and product inspections.

Bureau Veritas CertificationQuality Management SystemThe certifications obtained demonstrate that PAM's quality assurance system complies with the requirements of standard ISO 9001 regarding the design, production and commercialization of pipelines and accessories, valves and municipal castings.
TÜVCertification concerning
ductile iron castings
This certification demonstrates :
– that PAM and its sand casting foundry practices are suitable for the production of parts to be pressurized,
– control of welding on ductile iron.
SINCERTCertification of productsEN 545 – Ductile iron pipes, fittings, accessories and their joints for
water pipelines
EN 681.1 - Joints
EN 1074 - Valves for water supply
Bureau VeritasCompliance with the provisions of the
Decree dated 29 May 1997
Materials in contact with drinking water (ACS - Sanitary Compliance


In addition, the main type tests on PAM products are carried out in a COFRAC accredited laboratory (i.e. in compliance with standard EN 17025, accreditation number – 1984).

Extract from the COFRAC declaration :
“COFRAC is therefore at the peak of the structure required by the public authorities in the pyramid of trust. Certifying that the accredited organizations are competent and impartial, obtaining acceptance of their services at international level and recognition of the skills of laboratories, inspection and certification organizations: this is the twofold mission of the COFRAC, the French accreditation committee, conducted in application of national regulations and European directives. A major player in conformity assessment, COFRAC enjoys the confidence of the public authorities, its partners, the accredited organizations and their customers. All believe in accreditation, convinced of the added value it brings: legitimate skill, confidence of the financial players, international recognition opening the doors to export.’’

Further information concerning the COFRAC accredited laboratory which conducts the type tests