Quality management system

Technical solutions

Quality management

PAM has instituted a quality control organization complying with Standard ISO 9001.
Its objective is to provide customers with products meeting perfectly their stated requirements.

Quality policy

The PAM quality policy is based on improving products and services for its customers. To meet this level of excellence, PAM :

  • defines the specifications of, designs and improves products in order to adapt them to customer and environmental requirements ;
  • implements “capable” manufacturing means ;
  • buys materials and manufactures products in compliance with specifications ;
  • guarantees on-time delivery of its products and services.

To improve performance, the teams :

  • systematically measure results ;
  • eliminate malfunctions ;
  • undergo ongoing training.

PAM’s aim is to be the world leader in its area of business: this objective is reflected in our Quality Policy.

quality management system

The PAM quality management system not only covers production and marketing, but also product design. This is the best possible guarantee that our products meet
their intended use. The PAM quality system is ISO 9001 certified.

This standard is the reference for quality management applied to design/development, production, installation, and after-sales support. For design, systematic project reviews are used to ensure that targeted new needs for the product being developed are met.
Each project involves three main phases prior to release on the market :

  • functional specifications,
  • technical definition of the product,
  • industrialization and qualification of the product.

For production, the aims of the quality organization are to:

  • check the consistency of incoming raw materials, constituents and other items required for the production and usage of our products;
  • control the manufacturing process by formalizing our expertise, automating process, and training operatives while making ongoing improvements through analysis of the measurements made throughout the manufacturing cycle;
  • check at every stage of production that the products meet the specifications, thus providing early detection of any aberration, and enabling it to be corrected.

This quality management organization is founded on:

  • statistical control of processes which, based on regular measurements, allows process and product performance to be quantified against established objectives ;
  • self-monitoring, which is the basis of the system in production and consists in delegating to operatives the monitoring of the results of their own work within pre-established parameters ;
  • auditing, which ensures, in a systematic manner, that everyone is obeying the rules laid down, and checks on their efficiency. This applies to PAM and all its suppliers and sub-contractors, with whom it collaborates on quality assurance ;
  • checking, if necessary, of particular properties of products, raw materials or constituents, not covered by the preceding arrangements.