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Anchored joints

Technical solutions

Our anchoring solutions

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Types of SituationJointsRange of diameters3D Animation Mounting 3D Animation Dismantling
Common SituationsSTANDARD ViDN 60 to 700
EXPRESS NEW ViDN 60 to 150
EXPRESS ViDN 200 to 300
High Pressures and High Hydraulic ThrustsUNIVERSAL ViDN 80 to 600
UNIVERSAL VeDN 80 to 200
DN 250 to 700
DN 800 to 1600
PAMLOCKDN 1400 to 2000-
Supplementary solutionsSTANDARD V+iDN 350 to 600
STANDARD VeDN 350 to 1200


A complete range to meet your needs

PAM’s anchoring solutions are designed according to two different levels of performance, plus a supplementary range to cater for some specific situations.

Solutions for most common situations

Our solutions are based on the following anchoring techniques:
- STANDARD Vi for pipes, DN 60 to 700 and fittings 
- EXPRESS Vi and EXPRESS NEW Vi for fittings, DN 60 to 300
The performance of these anchoring systems is suitable for the usual water distribution and supply requirements.

Solutions for high pressures and high hydraulic thrusts

Our solutions are based on the following anchoring techniques :
- UNIVERSAL Vi for pipes and fittings, DN 80 to 600.
- UNIVERSAL Ve for pipes and fittings, DN 80 to 1600.
- PAMLOCK for pipes and fittings, DN 1400 to 2000.
- UNIVERSAL Vi offers the same simple fitting as the STANDARD Vi range but uses special double chamber fittings and pipes. This very practical solution caters for pressures higher than those withstood by STANDARD Vi.
- UNIVERSAL Ve is designed for use at very high pressures or large diameters from DN 700 to 1600 where massive hydraulic thrusts occur.
- PAMLOCK is an extension of the UNIVERSAL Ve range for very large diameters from DN 1400 to 2000.

Supplementary solutions

Our supplementary solutions are based on the following anchoring techniques:
- STANDARD Ve for pipes and fittings, DN 350 to 1200.
- STANDARD V+i for fittings, DN 350 to 600.

With the STANDARD Ve anchoring system, which provides performance close to those of the UNIVERSAL Ve range, the decision to anchor high-pressure pipelines can be taken on site. Pipes or fittings with STANDARD single-chamber joints can be installed by means of counter flanges or by adding a weld bead.

The STANDARD Ve and STANDARD V+i anchoring devices can also be used with UNIVERSAL Ve and Vi pipes, particularly at diameters of DN 350 and 450, for which no UNIVERSAL fittings are currently available.