Joint automatique BLUTOP verrouillé - déviation angulaire des canalisations en fonte ductile PAM


Technical solutions

BLUTOP Vi joint

BLUTOP Vi joint is the anchored version of BLUTOP joint.

It was designed and tested in the same conditions as for the non-anchored BLUTOP, for PFA 16 bar.

Study of the full range of pressure options

During their useful lifetime, water distribution pipelines are subjected to numerous types of pressure, but also the following :
- Day/night time pressure cycles
- Water hammer
- Pressure drops
- External pressure
- Period without pressure prior to commencement of operations

In each of these situations, the joints are subjected to specific types of stress. For this reason all joints for ductile iron pipeline are designated and tested in accordance with strict methods :
In accordance with EN 545 testing : 2007 - 4 tests
PAM’s own specific testing - 4 additional tests

These tests are carried out on both non-anchored and anchored joints, taking into account the full impact of said tests, with a safety factor of 1.5 x PFA + 5 , namely 29 bar, in the case of 16 bar pressure.


High perfomance level with anchored joints

  Allowable operating
Allowable maximum
Allowable Test
DN/OD 75 to DN/OD 160C25161920

Angular deflection

DN/ODAllowable laid deflectionPipe end displacement
DN/OD 75 to DN/OD 160 (6cm)62


BLUTOP joint withstands a maximum angular deflection of 6°.


From DN/OD 75 to DN/OD 160.

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PAM’s anchoring solutions are designed according to two different levels of performance, plus a supplementary range to cater for some specific situations.