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 EXPRESS NEW Vi and EXPRESS New Vi "special insertion" junctions

The EXPRESS NEW Vi junction is a new generation of mechanical junctions. The EXPRESS NEW Vi and EXPRESS NEW Vi “special insertion” junctions were designed to simplify installation and rationalize the components while retaining the performance of the EXPRESS junction.
The EXPRESS New Vi joint is an anchored mechanical joint used to make self-restrained pipelines.
Anchoring takes up the axial forces, making concrete thrust blocks unnecessary.
It adapts to all EXPRESS sockets and all smooth spigots.

Main characteristics

- Simplified components:

  • a single joint for both tightness and locking
  • no spacer (unlike the EXPRESS Vi joint)
  • gland and nuts are similar to the non-anchored version

- It can be pre-assembled outside the trench
- Easy to assemble

Range: DN 60 to 300.
Accessories: gland, joint and bolts.

The bodies of the EXPRESS range pipes and fittings are kept


The basic principle of the anchored joint consists of transferring the axial forces from one pipeline element to the next, therefore making it impossible to separate the junction.
The locking ring with inserts on the EXPRESS New Vi joint is used to anchor the fittings (bends, tees, tapers, sleeves, etc.) by hooking onto the pipe spigot, thereby avoiding the need for concrete thrust blocks.
With this type of anchoring, there is no weld bead on the spigot. Therefore, it can be fitted on all smooth spigots and EXPRESS sockets.


Express New Vi

Express New Vi joint
Express New gland
Express New bolts

Since the EXPRESS New and EXPRESS New Vi glands are similar, it will no longer be possible to distinguish between non-anchored and anchored junctions after installation. A ring identifying anchored junctions can be inserted on the spigot, against the side of the flange.

EXPRESS New  Vi « special insertion »

Express New joint
Express New gland
Express New Vi joint
Express New gland “special insertion”


Express New accessories: DN 60 to 300


Buried or above-ground pipelines.
Replacement of concrete thrust blocks when space is limited or when they are difficult to produce. Laying on a steep slope or in a casing. Faster installation.
The EXPRESS New Vi joint is suitable for all EXPRESS fittings and anchors on all the spigots of ductile cast iron pipes and fittings presented in this catalogue.
The thickness of the spigots’ coatings must not be greater than 600 microns

The EXPRESS New Vi joint cannot be used on lamellar graphite cast iron pipes (“grey cast iron”).


The tightness of this joint depends directly on the tightening torque of the bolts and on the compliance with the assembly instructions determined by PAM.

Resistance to pressure

  Allowable operating
Allowable maximum
Allowable test
DN 80-100-150C40161924

Angular deflection

DNAllowable laid deflection
DN 80-100-150 (6m)52




1- Start of tightening (O Nm)
No anchoring
No watertightness.

Early stage of the tightening
2- Intermediate tightening
Insert-pipe anchoring
No watertightness

intermediate tightening, mid clamping

3- Complete tightening (12 Nm)
Insert-pipe anchoring

complete joint tightening
Complete tightening


This joint complies with the technical specifications of standard EN 545 and ISO 2531.
Performance tests advised by this standard have been performed.
The joint ring complies with standard EN 681.1.


EXPRESS New junction: supplied in kit only, with ruler.

EXPRESS Vi and EXPRESS New Vi components (gland, joint and nuts) are not interchangeable since the geometries of the joints, glands and nuts are different.


The EXPRESS New Vi joint assembly (gland, joint gasket and bolts) is available in kits, from DN 60 to 300.
It can be pre-assembled outside the trench.
Joint assembly direction: the white ink marking indicates which side of the joint faces the flange.
Never push fully into the socket and respect the joint depths indicated on the assembly instructions (ruler supplied).

“Special insertion” Express New Vi for maintenance and repair

The EXPRESS New Vi kit cannot be used alone for insertion between two static spigots since:
- The EXPRESS Vi junction requires movement (of the spigot or the sleeve) when tightening to ensure water tightness and anchoring.
- Using the EXPRESS Vi in insertion creates serious risks of leakage. When tightening, anchoring is activated before the joint is correctly compressed to ensure water tightness.

The “special insertion” Express New Vi kit is the technical solution required if the two elements to be connected are completely static.

joint kit repair and maintenance
Express NEW Vi special insertion for repair and maintenance


  • Tightness function

Firstly, tightness is guaranteed by the EXPRESS New locking joint and its EXPRESS New gland.

  • Locking function

Secondly, locking is guaranteed by the EXPRESS New Vi joint plus a second “special insertion” EXPRESS New gland.

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