polyurethane internal linning, ductile iron pipes

PUR Anchored Joints

Technical solutions

PUR range anchoring systems

NATURAL PUR ductile iron pipes with polyurethane internal coating, in compliance with standard EN 15655, and corresponding fittings are to be used for the transportation of water of the following types only :

  • Very soft water (hardness less than 5°F), combined with long dwell times (more than 3 days) when a standard cement mortar coating is unsuitable (risk of increasing the water's alkalinity).
  • Mineral water, i.e. water whose chemical specifications must remain unchanged between the pipeline inlet and outlet.

The utilization of insert type anchoring systems such as STANDARD Vi, EXPRESS Vi or UNIVERSAL Vi is not recommended for the transport of water with these characteristics. Please consult us.

PAM recommends the use of bead type anchoring solutions :

  • For DN 100 to 600, a NATURAL PUR offering is available for pipes with bead type anchoring. The performance is the same as that for STANDARD Ve anchoring on pipes with internal coatings of blast furnace cement mortar
  • To use UNIVERSAL anchoring solutions on pipes coated with PUR, in range 100 to 600, please consult us.
  • In the range DN 700 to 1800, the CLASSIC PUR range is available and UNIVERSAL Ve, PAMLOCK and STANDARD Ve anchoring solutions can be used.

The internal coating should be repaired if pipes are cut or weld beads are made on the work site.

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PAM’s anchoring solutions are designed according to two different levels of performance, plus a supplementary range to cater for some specific situations.