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External coating

Technical solutions


The purpose of an external coating is to provide a durable protection against corrosive soils. PAM offers a complete range of external coatings to meet all cases of corrosive soils and respecting EN 545 Standard.


The long-lasting coating made of a layer of Zinc-Aluminum alloy enriched with Copper and a protective Aquacoat layer.
The standard PAM pipe coating consists of a layer of sprayed metallic zinc covered with bituminous paint.
Polyethylene sleeving is a tubular film of low density polyethylene slipped over and snugly fitted to a pipe at the time of laying.
The TT PE range from DN 60 to 700 features a high-density polyethylene coating coextruded onto the pipes in the factory.
The TT PUX range from DN 800 to 2000 features a polyurethane coating deposited on the pipes in the factory.