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TT PE - External Polyethylene

Technical solutions

TT PE - External Polyethylene

The TT PE range from DN80 to 700 features a high-density polyethylene coating coextruded onto the pipes in the factory.

The TT PE range is intended for use with highly aggressive soils. A high-density polyethylene coating deposited in PAM plants The polyethylene coating is extruded onto the pipes in the PAM plants. Internal manufacture ensures rigorous control of the coating application conditions.

Each pipe is tested individually after coating by a "Holiday detector" test in order to check the protective quality of the coating (barrier forming a seal against the external environment). Two manufacturing processes are used, depending on the diameter ranges :
- Coextrusion for DN80 to 500
- Lateral extrusion for DN600 and 700

Highly demanding technical specifications

Due to the thickness of its polyethylene layer, the ductile cast iron pipe is fully protected in the most aggressive soils as well as during transport and handling operations.

Thickness of the HDPE layer according to EN 14628

DNMinimum thickness μm
80 to 100 1800
125 to 250 2000
300 to 450 2200
500 to 7002500

The coating of the TT PE ranges meets highly detailed technical specifications to guarantee outstanding performance.
The TT PE coating complies with European standard EN 14628

Technical specifications of the high-density polyethylene coating according to EN 14628

Refer to EN 14628 15189 for the precise definition of the test methods
 1 Peel strength10 N (on zinc plated surface)
2Impact strengthFigure 2, category A
3Resistance to indentation<0.3 mm
4Elongation at break>200%
5Specific resistance of the coating in 0.1 m
NaCl solution

> 108 Ωm2

6Resistance ratio>0.8
77 Thermal ageing, 100 d, 100 °C<±35%
8Light ageing, 100 d,
xenon arc radiation
9Saponification properties of the adhesiveSaponification index < 3 mg KOH/g


Adhesion of polyethylene is provided on the whole pipe by a regular layer of high performance adhesive specially selected for its durability.

Fluidity indexEN ISO 11330.2g/10 min to 1.0g/10 min
DensityEN ISO 1183-10.910g/cm3 to 0.960g/ cm3

Technical specification of the adhesive according to EN 14628

The outer surface of the pipe is completely coated with BioZinalium.
The TT PE coating can be used at permanent operating temperatures up to 50 °C. For high storage temperatures please contact our sales engineers.

ViscosityEN ISO 3219> 4000mPa at 180°C Thermosel Brookield Sp 21/5 min-1

Specific protection for the junctions

The protective system for the junctions consists of :
- DN80 to 300 - elastomer sleeve
- DN350 to 700 - heat-shrink sleeve

If a pipeline with anchored joint (STANDARD Vi, UNIVERSAL Vi or VE, PAMLOCK, STANDARD Ve) is used in saline exterior environment, the elastomer sleeve must be replaced by a heat-shrink sleeve.


STANDARD Ve and STANDARD V+i anchored joints cannot be used with TT PE pipes, which do not have a rim. STANDARD Vi, UNIVERSAL Vi or VE anchored joints must be used.

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The purpose of an external coating is to provide a durable protection against corrosive soils.