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Cathaphoresis epoxy (coating for fittings)

Technical solutions

Coating process

NATURAL fittings are coated by cataphoresis with a layer of blue epoxy resin. This process produces a coating of highly regular thickness.

Cataphoresis is an electrodeposition process :
- on leaving the foundry, the fittings are carefully shot-peened (degree of care: SA 2.5).
- they then undergo surface passivation (zinc phosphating) by passing through a chemical bath.
- the blue resin layer is then electrodeposited: the fitting is immersed in a bath containing the resin in suspension and forms the cathode with respect to the bath. The coating is created by deposition of paint particles on the cathode under the force of the electric field in the bath.

Advantages of cataphoresis

Using this process enables to obtain, especially on parts with complex geometry, a highly regular thickness of the coating, including in areas difficult to access by traditional coating processes.


The average thickness of the coating is at least 70 microns. Its adhesion is excellent thanks to the chemical surface treatment carried out beforehand.

Drinking water compatibility

The epoxy coating deposited by cataphoresis is compatible with drinking water and has a Sanitary Conformity Certificate (ACS).


EN 545

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