Jonction verrouillées et non verrouillées EXPRESS - Canalisations en fonte ductile - Saint-Gobain PAM


Technical solutions


The EXPRESS joint is a mechanical joint. The seal is obtained by axial compression of an elastomer gasket by means of a gland and bolts. Its main features are:
– assembly without jointing force,
– the ability to orientate the castings,
– its gap and angular deflection.

Range: DN 60, 125, 200, 1200 for fittings
Range: DN 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 for pipes.

The seal is obtained by axial compression of an elastomer gasket, by means of a gland clamped by engagement of bolts on the external socket rim.


The socket chamber contains:
- a gasket seat,
- a cylindrical bearing surface to align the spigot,
- an annular cavity allowing angular and longitudinal movement of the pipe or fitting.
The socket has an external rim, which anchors the bolt heads during tightening.

The shape of the gland varies according to nominal diameter.
Both gland and bolts are made of ductile iron.


Pipes and fittings: DN 60 to 1200.
Also available in DN 1400 to 2000 for link-pipe sleeves.


Mains above or below ground
The ease of assembly and dismantling of this joint makes it particularly suitable for situations where it is difficult to apply a jointing force: jointing of fittings, overhead mains, laying in congested ground, or in tunnels.


The joint seal is a direct function of the bolt torque. The values stipulated by must be adhered to.

Resistance to pressure

  Allowable operating pressure
Allowable maximum pressure
Allowable test pressure
DN 100 and DN 150 to DN 300C40404853
DN 60 to DN 300-404853
DN 350 to DN 2000-253035

Angular deflection and gap

DNAllowable laying deflection 
Pipe end displacement 
DN 60-
DN 125 (6cm)52
DN 200 to DN 300 (6cm)42
DN 350 to DN 600-
DN 400 to DN 800-
DN 900 to DN 10001.5°-
DN 1000 to DN 12001.5°-
DN 1400-
DN 1500-
DN 1600-
DN 18001.5°-
DN 2000-


The large deflection of EXPRESS joints allows some bends to be eliminated.
The EXPRESS joint allows some gap, enabling it to accommodate small amounts of expansion.

The gap must be regarded as a safeguard and not be used to accommodate repeated backward and forward movements.
The gap and angular deflection accepted by the EXPRESS joint ensure excellent performance in the face of ground movements or undermining by soil scouring.


This joint complies with technical specifications of standard EN 545 and ISO 2531.
Performance tests advised by this standard have been performed.
The gasket complies with standard EN 681.1.