Jonction non verrouillée EXPRESS New - Canalisations en fonte ductile - Saint-Gobain PAM


Technical solutions

EXPRESS New joint

The EXPRESS NEW junction is a new generation of mechanical junction.
It was designed to simplify installation and rationalize the components while retaining the performance of the previous EXPRESS junction.

Main characteristics

- Simplified components
- Can be pre-assembled outside the trench
- Easy to assemble

Range : DN 60 to 300
Accessories : gland, joint and bolts
The bodies of the EXPRESS range pipes and fittings are kept.


Watertightness is achieved via radial compression of the elastomer joint gasket, using a gland tightened by bolts hooked on the external rim of the socket.


The inside of the socket is composed of :
- a housing for the joint gasket
- a cylindrical spigot centring seat
- an annular cavity to allow angular and longitudinal movements of the pipes and fittings.

On the outside, the socket has a rim to hook the clamping bolts onto.
Glands and bolts are made from ductile iron.

Field of use

Buried or above ground pipelines
Since this joint is easy to assemble and dismantle, it is especially suitable for situations where axial force is difficult to produce: assembly of fittings, above-ground pipelines, laying in unstable grounds, through tunnels, etc.


Watertightness of this joint depends directly on the tightening torque of the bolts.
It is important to respect the values recommended by PAM.

Resistance to pressure

  Allowable operating pressure
Allowable maximum pressure
Allowable test pressure
DN 80 - 100 150C40404853

Positioning parts during assembly

It is easy to position the parts around their axes before tightening the bolts, making this joint particularly practical when assembling the fittings.

PFA, angular deflections and end play

The EXPRESS New joint accepts a high degree of angular deflection, which reduces the number of bends required.

DNAllowable laying deflection
Pipe end displacement
80 - 100 - 150 (6m)52

The gap must be considered as a safety factor and must not be used in repetitive sliding.



Since the EXPRESS New joint tolerates a certain amount of end play, it can absorb expansions of small amplitude.

The angular deflection and the longitudinal play tolerated by the EXPRESS New joint ensure excellent performance in case of ground movement or settlements.


This joint complies with the technical specifications of standard EN 545 and ISO 2531.
Performance tests advised by this standard have been performed.
The joint ring complies with standard EN 681.1.


EXPRESS New junction : supplied in kit only, with ruler.

EXPRESS and EXPRESS New components (gland, joint and nuts) are not interchangeable since the geometries of the joints, glands and nuts are different.