IZIFIT automatic fitting - PVC PE, PVC-Bio pipelines

IZIFIT joints

Technical solutions

IZIFIT fittings

IZIFIT ductile cast iron fittings are intended for assembly on standardized PVC-U or polyethylene pipes.
A completely new design, they can be locked and unlocked as many times as required and comply with standard EN 12842.

Field of use

IZIFIT fittings are used for connections:
- on PE pipes, of thickness not less than series SDR 17, according to draft standard EN 12201, 1 to 7: plastic piping systems for water supply - Polyethylene (PE)
- on PVC pipes, of thickness not less than series SDR 26, according to standard EN 1452, 1 to 7: plastics piping systems for water supply - Unplasticized poly (vinyl chloride) (PVC-U)


IZIFIT fittings are equipped with a handle to:
- carry the fittings
- simplify assembly, by a lever effect thanks to the handle
- simplify anchoring of the fittings in the concrete thrust blocks by inclusion of the handle.

IZIFIT fittings are pre-equipped with a lip seal designed to limit the assembly forces. They are coated internally and externally with epoxy resin, deposited by cataphoresis.

IZIFIT fittings can be anchored or not.
Combined with a locking gland, to be screwed by a simple 1/4 turn, they can be used to make sections of self-restrained pipelines, with no welding or bolts.
A simple pull-off tab releases a brass locking ring located in the groove of the gland, providing efficient and immediate locking on the tube spigot.



Allowable operating pressure
Joint typenon

* with anchored gland

IZIFIT fittings, anchored or not, are designed for an allowable operating pressure (AOP) of 16 bar. IZIFIT fittings withstand an angular deviation of:
- 4° in non-anchored version
- 3° in anchored version.

They also withstand application of a shear force equivalent to 20 times their DN in Newton (assembly on PVC-U only).

Mechanical properties of fittings
Minimum tensile strength, RmMPa420
Minimum elongation at break, A%5
Maximum Brinell hardnessHB250
Minimum module of elasticity GPa170


IZIFIT fittings are available from DN 63 to 225. The range includes bends (1/4 ->1/16), tees with branch PN 10 or PN 16, all socket tees, flanged sockets, tapers, sleeves and plugs. See PIPES AND FITTINGS


IZIFIT fittings comply with standard EN 12842 and pass the performance tests defined by this standard.
The joint rings comply with standard EN 681-1.
IZIFIT fittings have received a Sanitary Conformity Certificate (ACS).


The coating of IZIFIT fittings can be repaired in the same way as that of NATURAL fittings.

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