Pressure and angular deviation at the joint

Technical solutions

   With the term “pressure”, a distinction needs to be drawn between terminology used by:
– the network designer (dependent on the hydraulic capacity),
– the manufacturer (dependent on the product performance),
– the network user (dependent on the service).


The terminology listed below is drawn from the draft European standard EN 805 – Water supply. Specification for external networks and components – applicable to all materials.

The product standard EN 545 - Ductile cast iron pipes and fittings - uses this terminology where the manufacturer is concerned.

designerdppression de calcul en régime permanentDesign pressureSystembetriebsdruck
Mdppression maximale de calculMaximum design pressurehöchster Systembetriebsdruck
Stppression d’épreuve du réseauSystem test pressureSystemprüfdruck
manufacturerpfApression de fonctionnement admissibleAllowable operating pressurezulässiger Bauteilbetriebsdruck
pMApression maximale admissibleAllowable maximum operating pressurehöchster zulässiger Bauteilbetriebsdruck
peApression d’épreuve admissibleAllowable test pressurezulässiger Bauteilprüfdruck
de fonctionnement
Operating pressureBetriebsdruck
Sppression de serviceService pressureVersorgungsdruck

Manufacturer’s definitions

PN - Nominal pressure (in compliance with Standard EN 545)

Numerical designation expressed by a number used for reference purposes. All flanged components with the same DN and designated by the same PN are compatible for interconnection.
Standard EN 545 sets out for flanged pipes and fittings, the following PN equivalents in PFA, PMA and PEA.

DNPN 10PN 16PN 25PN 40
40 to 50See PN 40See PN 40See PN 40404853
60 to 80See PN 16162025See PN 40404853
100 to 150See PN 16162025253035404853
200 to 300101217162025253035404853
350 to 1 200101217162025253035
1400 to 2000101217162025
For DN 80 flanged parts manufactured by PAM, use the following equivalents:
80See PN 40See PN 40See PN 40404853

Leaktightness test pressure (in the sense of Standard EN 545)

Pressure applied to a component during its manufacture to ensure its leaktightness.