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Curbside collection

Municipal castings

Curbside Collection

A broad range of gratings for rainwater collection

Due to the diversity of situations encountered, specific drainage methods are needed in order to optimise the collection of run-off rainwater. Saint-Gobain PAM offers a broad range of products to suit every situation.

Grating ranges

An effective solution to network drainage and operating problems
Curbside Gully Covers
Cover plates for equipping large manholes installed beneath a pavement
Gratings - Gully Units C250
Gully gratings for small manholes of a mixed roadway/pavement type of installation
Other Channel Gratings and Odor-tight Inlets P.A.G
Other gratings for gullies and P.A.G sanitary gully holes
AT Grating and Flat Grating with C250 Frame
Used in addition to a cover plate or gully grating
SOLE Grating
Facilitating access to networks
Communal Grating C250
Equipped with a sloped frame that automatically ensures a crossways slope and a bedding flange on three sides

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