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Telecom and Sealed Covers

Municipal castings

Access covers for dry or industrial networks

Whereas manhole covers for roads and pavements cover "wet" networks, access covers are the closure systems for "dry" or industrial networks. They cover cable or special fluid networks in urban areas as well as port districts or industrial sites.



  • Size of the access covers are adaptable to the underground chamber, be it a standard format such as telecoms access covers, or a tailor-made solutions for an industrial domain.
  • Resistance: these access covers offer excellent resistance according to the different types of road traffic and conform to standard EN124 for traffic areas. They are suited to withstand exceptional traffic, including non-standard truck loads from industrial sites or ports and heavy loads related to industrial processes.
  • Leak tightness: is guaranteed for the material installed in the chamber.
  • High performance: the reinforced ergonomics and safety prevents the cover falling into the chamber, and ensures easy installation for maintenance or fitting teams.
  • Security: these access covers are secure from intrusion and therefore protect the cables as well as any data transiting through them.


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