Aggressive soils


Ductile iron pipes and coatings for withstanding corrosion 

Underground pipelines are subject to a variety of stresses, including corrosive soils and backfills. The conventional zinc coating on the basic version of our pipes provides a high level of resistance to corrosion in most standard cases of application.

However, the soil’s corrosiveness must be assessed to determine whether additional active protection, such as a polyethylene sleeve or special coating, is required. This can be done by means of a topographical survey by our expert technical staff, which evaluates the various strata traversed and provides information on the nature of the terrain and its natural corrosiveness.  

Saint-Gobain PAM has developed special coatings made of a zinc-aluminum alloy, BioZinalium, to ensure the longevity of its ductile iron underground pipes.

TT PUX in aggressive soil

Products for aggressive soils

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