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Valves and Fittings

Used to join two pipes or tube spigot ends

Designed to be connected to pipes of different materials, or for use with one material only, couplings are used to join two pipes or tube spigot ends.

There are several ranges of couplings available depending on the required dimensions and allowable operating pressures.

Available products

  • UltraLink multi-materials couplings with very broad tolerance
    • Available for continuous lengths of pipe with exterior diameters between OD 49 and OD 348 mm
    • PFA of 16 bar
    • Angular deflection of approximately 6° per joint (12° between two pipes)
  • Link GS couplings for ductile iron pipes
    • Available from DN 40 to DN 100 with a PFA of 40 bar, DN 125 to DN 300 with a PFA of 25 bar, and DN 350 to DN 600 with a PFA of 16 bar
  • Link GS couplings for ductile iron pipes with a large DN
    • Available from DN 350 to DN 1000
    • PFA of 16 bar
  • Link PE mechanical anchored Couplings for PE
    • Available from DN 50/OD 63 to DN 300/OD 315
    • PFA of 16 bar
  • FixLink anchored cast iron couplings specially designed for use with cast iron pipes
    • Used to connect two spigot end pipes or a spigot end pipe and a spigot end gate valve
    • Suitable for congested areas (basements or chambers) as this sleeve takes up very little space and is tightened from only one side to make installation easier
    • Available from DN 60 to DN 300 with a PFA of 16 bar and in DN 300 with a PFA of 10 bar
  • FixLink PVC-PE anchoring couplings for PVC or PE tubes
    • Suitable for both PVC and PE tubes - for joining PE tubes, reinforcement rings are recommended
    • Available from OD 60 to OD 280, with a PFA of 16 bar
    • Connection is possible with PE 80 and PE 100, PN 10 and PN 16 tubes


Broad tolerance coupling - UltraLINK for cast iron, steel, pvc pipes
Broad tolerance coupling - UltraLINK
Anchored coupling FIX LINK for ductile iron pipes
Anchored coupling FIX LINK
Anchored coupling FIX Link for PVC or PE tubes
Anchored coupling FIX Link PVC or PE
Coupling Link GS for ductile iron pipe
Coupling Link GS

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