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Operating accessories for ductile iron gate valves

Valves and Fittings

A whole set of operating accessories for resilient seat gate valves

Resilient seated gate valves have a whole range of operating accessories.

Available products

  • Protection tube
  • Protection tube support for EURO 20
  • Coupling for protection tube end piece
  • Extension spindle and coupling
  • Spindle-guiding covers for protection tube
  • Sleeves for EURO 20
  • Steel hand-wheels for FSH closure
  • T-key (length 1.5 m)
  • Fixed and cuttable length operating unit for EURO 20
  • Telescopic operating unit for EURO 20
  • Headstocks
  • Position indicator kits for EURO 20 – clockwise closing
  • PERMATIGHT joints


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