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Rigid flanged joint

Valves and Fittings

A choice of rigid flanged joints

Ductile iron flanged joints are generally used in aboveground assemblies and installations in valve chambers. The assembly precision and the ability for easy dismantling of the joint makes it particularly suitable for surface installations, or accessible manhole chambers such as pumping stations, valve chambers, overhead mains, inspection ducts, reservoirs, and tanks.

Flanged joints are composed of two flanges, an elastomer joint gasket, and bolts, whose number and dimensions depend on the pressure resistance and DN. The seal is obtained by tightening the bolts, thus compressing the gasket. With DN ≤ 600 the flanges can be rotated, facilitating bolts insertion.


  • High performance: the precision of assembly and the ability to assemble and dismantle the flanged joints in line are the hallmarks of rigid flanged joints.

Available products

  • Flange joint kit
  • Metal-reinforced gasket


Metal-reinforced gasket for flanged ductile iron valves and fittings
Metal-reinforced gasket
flanged pipes, flanged fittings, water network
Network made of ductile iron flanged parts

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