Color By PAM coating

Color By PAM coating

Municipal Castings

Coatings composition:

  • Projection of a Zinc-Aluminum based coating of 80 µm minimum providing a protection against corrosion (see picture on the left). This protective underlay is strictly identical to that deposited on Natural pipes
  • Shot-blasting
  • Electrostatic application of thermosetting POLYESTER colored powders (see picture on the right) with a layer of 130µm minimum (do not contain Bisphenol A)
  • Video: high jetting pressure test Color by PAM

Field of use:

  • Renovation and embellishment of cities centers historical or not
  • Harmonization of castings with the color of its immediate environment: stones, slabs ,paving stones etc.

Main characteristics:

  • Total coating of frame and cover/grates, conserving the specific functionalities of components, such as hinges, securing systems, frame cover/grates assemblies. Nota: a gradual localised degradation of the polyester coating may occur on the frame and cover/grates due to their friction. This phenomen does not affect the corrosion protection by Zinc-Aluminum alloy.
  • All the Saint-Gobain PAM castings can be coated, whether there are customized or not (in this case, the Color by PAM price charge is cumulative with the cost of personalization).
  • The texture of coating is fine (fine grain size) and matt (better resistance).


The Color By PAM pieces are especially packed for an optimal protection during shipping and handling.

Resistance and durability control:

  • Regular thickness of the coatings
  • Steady aspect of the color
  • Adherence control according to ISO 2409
  • Resistance control to shock according to ISO 6272
  • Resistance control humid heat according to EN 60068-2-30
  • Resistance control to salted fog according to EN 60068-2-11
  • Resistance control to UV according to NFT30-049


technical data sheet of powder polyester coating used to Color By PAM : Alesta® AP Fine Texture Mat.

Range of available colors:

Offer of 140 RAL colors to choose from. A mini-cover sample coated with the chosen RAL color is systematically sent for all projects in order to verify the matching between the selected color and that of the materials around the castings. The formal agreement of the customer for the selected color is mandatory before any production.