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Innovation at the Heart of Water Supply

As a global leader in the provision of water supply pipelines, we bring safe drinking water to millions of people and evacuates wastewater through our innovative PAM ductile iron pipe product ranges and solutions. Each year, over 1,000 towns and 100 capital cities rely on our drinking water network, measuring over 40,000 kilometres. We also supply equipment for the municipal casting and building sectors. 

With a 160-year industrial history steeped in innovation through our significant R&D centre, we continuously develops new PAM cutting-edge materials and manufacturing processes to meet emerging infrastructure needs. In collaboration with university partners, we are proud to have produced over 150 inventions, which have generated 1,500 national patents registered to date worldwide. In Europe, 40% of our turnover comes from products less than five years old.

Our extensive research into external coatings, internal linings and flexible joints has resulted in pipeline systems suitable for all geographical terrains and work site configurations. Built to be extremely robust and watertight, they can withstand corrosive soil, aggressive water, pressure surges, and all types of hazards during transport, handling, installation and operation.

Our Commitment to Customers, Quality and Sustainability

For us, customer service is paramount. Our multidisciplinary team of local sales staff, expert engineers and technicians offer clients comprehensive assistance and technical support on site throughout the entire project, from design to completion phases. With a network extending to over 126 countries, we can engage in everything from consultancy on hydraulic and civil engineering calculations, water analyses, and soil surveys to a thorough after-sales service. Moreover, our PAM Academy offers tailored training on the use of our products for installers and traders.

We are completely committed to international quality standards and are certified to ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management). Moreover, our additional technical specifications, which are more demanding that Europe’s EN 545 standard, ensure the optimal performance of our pipes, fittings, joints and accessories. Rest assured that every single fire hydrant, manhole cover, gully grate, sewage pipe, flange adaptor, and valve we supply is rigorously tested and fully compliant with regulations so that they stand the test of time.  

Our strategy towards sustainable development is no less determined. Within a 15-year period, we have reduced our energy consumption by an average of 30% to produce a pipe of the same diameter, while our move to acrylic paint in 2012 helped reduce VOC emissions by 24% in our plants. Our patented Zinalium external coating triples the lifetime of pipelines in most scenarios, thus limiting pipeline network renewal. Finally, our ductile iron raw material, obtained by a special Magnesium treatment to give it exceptional mechanical strength and bending properties, is 100% recyclable, long lasting, and fully inert.  

As we thrive in the international environment to provide you our best services, please be ensured that our constant motivation is to always go beyond your expectations by continually offering you the highest quality level.

For information and assistance, please contact your country manager.

Ductile iron pipe innovation

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Hydroclass ductile iron pipe and fittings
Hydroclass Ductile iron pipe
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Hydroclass ductile iron pipe and fittings

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