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pipelaying operations, large diamater pipes
Luo Mahu
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Specifications of the Drinking water project in Luo Mahu

Contracting authority:  Jiangsu province Water Company

Length:  80 000 meters

Application: Drinking Water from Luo Mahu Lake

DN: 1 800 and 2 000

Luo Mahu was the first large diameter project in China conducted by Saint-Gobain PAM China.

  • Short-time delivery: 6 months
  • New patterns were developed for pipes and fittings
  • The drinking water project in Luo Mahu included 5 sections across 20 construction points

Key aspects of the project

  • High commitment of Saint-Gobain PAM, with a dedicated production site in Xuzhou
  • The delivery was carried out on time in due time despite tough weather conditions
  • Challenge: manage local relations with inhabitants


  • No delay for the project
  • Manufacturing and laying of the pipe were safety compliant
  • No quality claims were made during or after the completion of the project
  • Standard joints were used, which resulted in a quick pipes installation


  • Unloading on site
  • Pipes were transported individually
  • Technical assistance on site

Images diaporama

drinking water project china, ductile iron pipes china
Ductile Iron Pipes used for the Luo Mahu Drinking Water project
logistic support, drinking water project in china
Large diamater pipes transported individually on trucks
unloading pipes, work site management
Unloading of the pipes at the worksite
pipelaying team, work site
Pipe laying team - Luo Mahu Drinking Water project
large diamater pipes, quick pipe laying
Classic® large diamater pipes combined with a Standard joint to allow quick installation
pipelaying operations, large diamater pipes
Pipe laying operations during the Luo Mahu Drinking Water project in China

Videos diaporama

Ductile iron pipes project : Xuzhou Luomahu in China - Saint-Gobain PAM
Presentation of the Xuzhou Luomahu project in China. Renewal of the network from the water source to the water plant to ensure local communities high quality water.
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luomahu water project china

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