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Pillar fire hydrants born of elegant urban design

Saint-Gobain PAM has developed the ELANCIO  range in order to integrate pillar fire hydrants into the urban environment in an aesthetic manner. As an elegantly designed element of street furniture, the ELANCIO casing covers new pillar fire hydrants and renovates older models. In fact, we have received many endorsements of the suitability and success of the ELANCIO casing in renovating old pillar fire hydrants.


  • Discreet and safe: the impact on public road users is minimised due to the gentle, rounded lines and reduced size of the ELANCIO range.

  • Protection and safety: with DN 80 and 100, its robust shell can resist operational hazards and environmental pressures.

  • Security: designed in a composite material, the fire hydrant is not a likely target for theft. When its doors are open, the wide opening allows quick access to the water intake and easy manoeuvrability of the pillar fire hydrant, while the doors close in a single movement.

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  • Elancio - pillar fire hydrant - Saint-Gobain PAM
  • Elancio - pillar fire hydrant - Saint-Gobain PAM
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Pillar Fire Hydrants

Pillar fire hydrants for a safer environment

All PAM cast iron fire hydrants are in strict compliance with standards NF EN 14384, NF S 61213/CN and the CE mark. A casing made entirely of ductile iron protects them from impact, whether accidental or otherwise, and operational hazards such as water hammers. Their internal and external coatings are a 250-micron thick layer of epoxy powder, while the resistance of the final coat to ultra-violet light protects the pillars against external pressures.

We equip all of our pillar fire hydrants with a sealing check valve, which is fully encapsulated in elastomer to protect it from corrosion and abrasion. Its shape prevents the retention of sand or gravel, thus avoiding damage, and ensures that the flow rate at opening and closing is progressive so that water hammer is avoided.

The complete range of PAM pillar fire hydrants comes in two versions – collapsible and non-collapsible. Impacts that knock the pillar hydrant over are not detrimental to it, as it is equipped to remain watertight. Only the assembly wedges are damaged in this instance and the hydrant can be put back into service quickly, easily and economically. The fire hydrants are built to prevent any leakage, which could lead to erosion or black ice.

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Pillar fire hydrants for a safer environment