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EURO 20 gate valve for comfortable handling and maximum safety

The EURO 20 ductile iron gate valve has a unique design and offers long-lasting service, comfortable handling and maximum safety through the autoclave system.

Coated with blue epoxy powder (250 microns), it conforms to the 2,500-cycle endurance test of standard EN 1074­2 and can be motorised.


  • Resistance: the bolt-free pressure seal autoclave gives the EURO 20 gate valve excellent resistance to corrosion.
  • Durability: the cold-forged stainless steel screw and gate with sliders improve its longevity by reducing friction.
  • Flexibility: the bearing can be replaced under pressure, and the EURO 20 gate valve remains efficient even when it has not been in operation for long periods of time.
  • Simple installation: this lightweight product range is ergonomic and easy to install, making it one of PAM’s leading ductile iron valve solutions.

Available products

  • EURO 20 type 21: flanges with standard face to face dimensions, DN + 200 mm
  • EURO 20 type 23: flanges with reduced face to face dimensions, 0.4 DN + 150 mm
  • EURO 20 type 25: socket for ductile iron pipes
  • EURO 20 type 27: BU flanged spigot-spigot connection with adaptors and couplings
  • EURO 20 type BLUTOP:  Socket joint BLUTOP for ductile iron BLUTOP and PVC tube
  • EURO 20 motorizable
  • EURO 20 motorized
  • EURO 20 FM




EURO 20 - sewerage gate valve - Saint-Gobain PAM - water
Euro 20 - sewerage gate valve - motorized
Sewerage gate valve - Saint-Gobain PAM
Euro 20 - gate valve
ductile iron gate valve
Resilient Seated Gate Valve DN 100 to DN 300; PN 16 and 25


Vanne EURO 20 - Remplacement de l'opercule
Vanne EURO 20 BLUTOP - Montage avec tuyau fonte BLUTOP

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