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A ductile iron fitting that can withstand unforeseen geotechnical events

GEOFLEX is a sliding, flexible and extendible fitting made of ductile cast iron, which is available in diameters of between 100 and 1800 mm. It has been developed for the protection of pipelines against events of a seismic or geotechnical origin, such as ground movements, landslides, subsidence, earthquakes, tsunamis, tidal waves, etc.

flexible fitting GEOFLEX, seismic risk
GEOFLEX - A sliding fitting, flexible and extensible, ductile iron


These natural phenomena can affect key infrastructures, such as : power plants, nuclear reactors, dams, reservoirs and water towers, motorways, tunnels, high speed railways, and penstocks, so their pipelines require unique protection.

The GEOFLEX fitting is the result of an innovative and unique design that consists of a sliding collar and two articulated flanged ball joints, assembled without bolts. The range offers excellent mechanical strength and a high resistance to displacement.
GEOFLEX has been subject to a whole battery of tests to verify its high performance behaviour in the face of very severe geotechnical constraints, and complies with standard ISO 16134 standard for “Earthquake and subsidence-resistant design of ductile iron pipelines”.



  • Deflection and angular deflection: each of the ball joints offers a wide angular deflection of between 38° and 40°. By offering different collar lengths, GEOFLEX resists ground subsidence up to 600 mm. Wider ranges can be obtained by putting two fittings together one after the other.
  • Expansion/contraction capacity: the sliding of the collar, in contraction or expansion, between each flanged ball joint means substantial displacement can be obtained.
  • Freedom of rotation: in addition to its capacity to absorb axial displacement and deflection, GEOFLEX can also rotate at the ball joints, which helps prevent any damage to the flanges.
  • Simple installation: GEOFLEX connects to ductile iron or steel pipelines through the use of socketed flanged fittings or flanged spigots.


instable ground pipe fitting
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  • GEOFLEX - Fitting
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  • GEOFLEX - Fitting
  • GEOFLEX - Fitting
  • flexion movement double ball fitting
  • GEOFLEX - Fitting
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