Gully inlet SELECTA MAXI 20-40 "ultra-low kerbs" for disabled circulation Class C250

Gully inlet SELECTA MAXI 20-40 "ultra-low kerbs" for disabled circulation Class C250

Municipal Castings
C250 mini/Grp 3
Main features

Main characteristics:

Easy installation & precise adjustment:

  • Selecta Maxi 20-40 comprises 2 independent components: (1) road-side unit (grating + frame), to be bedded flush with road level (2) kerb-side unit (cover + frame), to be bedded flush with kerb upper surface, by means of 3 setting bolts
  • Units 1 & 2 are not linked but installed face to face (3), allowing easy & precise setting of each component to the exact finish levels
  • Wide frames bearing surfaces for perfect bedding on mortar

Easy access & maintenance:

  • Spring-bar locked can be open independently for rodding, cleaning, sucking, offering wide access (540 x 450m max)
  • Prising slots (see 5-6) allow a safe & easy insertion of tools
  • Grating & cover automatically & safely locked after maintenance
  • Lifting eyes (see 3 & 2x 4) allow safe & precise handling, installation & setting)
  • Delivered as 2 separate components

Efficient & reliable:

  • Anti-skid suds on bi-directional slots bars
  • Raised studs on bars improve water absorption and prevent blockage by accumulation of dead leaves
  • Bikers' safe slots and bar display

Field of application:

  • C250 class (Group 3) according to standard EN 124-2, intended for the circulated pavements and similar locations subjected to the passage of vehicles
  • Debris-selecting gully inlet for use on places, streets & areas where vertical kerb faces are only from 20up to 40mm high, facilitating the crossing of wheel chairs and mobility trolleys for disabled circulation
  • Complies with French PMR (disabled circulation) regulations, with slots holes & width < 20mm

Material and coating:

  • Frame and cover in Ductile Iron EN GJS 400-15: water base coating


Saint-Gobain PAM attests that:

  • the above mentioned products are manufactured in compliance with specifications, materials & characteristics as per EN124-2 : 2015 standard
  • the features and performances of the above mentioned products are controlled and comply with requirements of EN124-1 : 2015 standard

The PAM brand affixed on these related products materialises this attestation of conformity.


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