Hydroclass Range

The perfect ductile iron pipe for robust and flexible water distribution networks in all situations

Through knowledge gained by our dedicated research centre in areas such as soil corrosion phenomena, our ductile iron pipelines have the latest coating technologies and often exceed minimum industry standards. Our joints are also developed and tested here in the most extreme conditions.

HYDROCLASS pipes are available with Zinalium or with a pure zinc coating. As soon as it comes in contact with soil, a zinc-based coating generates an overall protective layer that constitutes a real shell for buried ductile cast iron pipelines. Compared to a pure zinc coating, Zinalium triples the service life of the protective layer.  

The ductile iron pipes and fittings in the HYDROCLASS range are available with diameters between 100 and 2,000 mm.

Hydroclass pipe


All PAM products comply with the current European (EN) and international (ISO) standards.
Through the work of PAM research centre and their knowledge of corrosion phenomena in the soil, the PAM ductile iron pipelines have the latest coating technologies and often exceed the minimum industry standards.
It is also in this centre that the joints are developed and tested in the most extreme conditions.

Robustness and resistance

Ductile cast iron is a robust material, which withstands high service pressures and external mechanical accidents, and is impervious to pollution in soil. Benefitting from its mechanical properties, the HYDROCLASS joints with flexible sockets ensure water tightness, while the coatings protect the pipeline from external corrosion and preserve the water quality in a sustainable manner. Our parts can withstand transportation conditions by truck, train, and ship, as well as stacks of stocks and rough handling on work sites.

Hydroclass robustness and resistance

From desert to swamp, our products, their protection and assembly are designed for all terrains, climates and situations. Irrespective of the temperature and humidity levels, there is no waiting time when using the excavator for straight lines at high rates and simple hand winches at the bottom of inaccessible trenches. The short pipe facilitates access with equipment of standard size and favorably limits the site’s right-of-way strip

Hydroclass flexibility
Simplicity of installation

The ease of pipe laying, aligning and fitting of our ductile cast iron pipes with sockets result in high production rates on work sites. There is no need for any welding, coating repair, or ultrasonic exam, nor the immobilisation of specialised equipment or waiting time for the drying or cooling of assemblies. The PAM technologies we developed give unrivalled management flexibility of work sites (shutdowns, restarting and progress).

Hydroclass simplicity of installation

International statistics show that cast iron pipelines have service lives exceeding 100 years, while networks must continually adapt to urban, industrial, agricultural, and tourist developments. PAM pipelines are designed with a safety reserve that securely withstands increases in flow, pressure, and surface loads of roads and buildings. Our complete solution of pipes, fittings, joints and accessories ensure the perfect compatibility of installations.

Ductile iron pipe longevity


HYDROCLASS pipes characteristics


mmm kg/mbarbarbar kg/mbarbarbar
7006C25186.225 20C30227 27cu 
8006C2522925 16/20cuC30278 25cu 
9006C25276.225 16/20cuC30348.7 25cu 
10006C25330.625 16/20cuC30554.1 25cu 
11008.19C25395.425 16/20cu     
12008.19C25461.625 16/20cuC30521.6 25cu 
14008.17C25632.425  C25632.4 16cu25cu
15008.16C25720.325  C25780.6  25cu
16008.16C25806.125  C25872.8  25cu
18008.15C25995.125  C251064.7  16cu
20008.13C25121025  C251306.7  16cu

(*): Other pipe classes available
• C25 DN 350 to 600 on request
• C20 DN 700 to 2000 on request
• All upper classes on request

PFA: Permissible operating pressure under EN 545 and ISO 2531
STD : standard joint
STD Vi : standard Vi joint
STD Ve : standard Ve joint
UNI STD Vi : UNIVERSAL std Vi joint
UNI STD Ve : UNIVERSAL std Ve joint
PK : PAMLOCK joint
cu : please contact us

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Supply, Treatment and Distribution

Ductile iron pipe solutions for the complete water cycle  

We supply our PAM ductile iron pipelines throughout the world, allowing water to be transported from its source to treatment plants and places of consumption. Our solutions address water whether it is potable, raw, waste or recycled, and cover the entire water transport cycle, from its gravity supply, surface and ground water filtration and seawater desalination, treatment and storage, and distribution to consumers and industry.

As investment in renewing water supply infrastructure is declining in relative terms, there is increasing demand on pipeline service longevity. Our ductile iron pipes, fittings, valves and accessories are anti-ageing and have earned a first-class reputation for both leak tightness and pressure resistance.  

We are involved in both the preservation of the quality and quantity of water as a resource and its distribution in all situations, where there may be  mechanical stresses, pressure surges, or environmental constraints among other challenges.

For the supply of water alone, we have 10,000 items of pipes, fittings and joint compounds to cope with every possible situation and to withstand all hazards associated with their transport, handling, installation and operation.

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