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The traditional qualities of ductile cast iron pipes at the service of irrigation

The IRRIGAL range uses the traditional qualities and strengths of ductile cast iron pipes to meet the requirements of irrigation networks. The ductile iron pipes and fittings of this range are available in diameters of 100 to 1000 mm.

IRRIGAL pipes, which are recognisable by their black and green colours, are produced with an exterior coating of pure zinc covered by a layer of epoxy, plus an internal protective layer of cement lining that is compatible with irrigation water.

IRRIGAL fittings come with an epoxy coating, which is applied by cataphoresis or powder coating, for:

  • EXPRESS mechanical joint fittings (DN 100 to 1000 mm);

  • STANDARD push-in joint fittings (DN 100 to 1000 mm); and

  • Flanged fittings (DN 100 to 1000 mm).


  • Optimal performance: the pipes, fittings, lining and coating found in the IRRIGAL range combine to create a pipeline which offers high speed flow, flexibility for curved routes, watertightness, and resistance to the corrosiveness of cultivated land containing fertilizer and other substances.  

  • Straightforward installation: as with all of Saint-Gobain PAM’s pipes, installation is simple and can be done with standard site tools, avoiding the need for specialists. This robust, leakproof solution is perfectly suited to the requirements of irrigation projects.

pipeline for irrigation networks
IRRIGAL pipeline | Saint-Gobain PAM


DN : 100 to 1000
PFA : 31 to 64 bar


pipeline IRRIGAL for irrigation saint gobain pam
IRRIGAL pipe socket
External marking of pipe
IRRIGAL - Marking of the pipe
pipe Irrigal range saint gobain pam
pipes for irrigation

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